Rev Natasha took the role of chef and a mother as she cooked for street families who are based in the suburbs of the city. With her immaculate chef attire, kitchen appliances and the direction of top class chefs, Rev Natasha was so jovial as she prepared foodstuffs, cooked some yummy meat stew to accompany rice and potatoes for the street families.

In demonstrating servant hood and love for all, Rev Natasha, known by many for her famous preaching clips, well dressed church workers, global recognition took time to host street families for a meal. It was heart warming seeing her serve hot dishes, share and inspire them and through this gesture bring a smile to the street families who for a long time are ignored, bypassed and ridiculed by some. The street families also shared their touching story with her and she offered words of encouragement, prayer and made a commitment to continue being a blessing to them.

She also distributed food stuffs to last them for three months which was well received with tremendous appreciation. The Natasha Hand of Compassion Team continues its my social outreachprograms and being a source of joy and happiness to many.

We salute their efforts and dedication in sharing God’s love to the less fortunate within our society.

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