An Open Letter to President William Samoei Ruto

I understand and know, from the act of my Governor Irungu Kangata that it’s a bad habit to write an open letter to the President, except that I have no way to access your good office.
Pardon me in advance,
Mr President, protect your Predecessor. By deed, as by word, let him enjoy his retirement in peace. You have been with him since the first day in 1997,when both of you ran for office. It’s now 25 years later Sir. While he failed then, you went ahead to win. You’ve been a lucky son of our land. From 2002,your friend has been on a meteoric rise to power, serving difficult offices of Trade, Devolution, Finance, DPM office and finally the President days that have just ended.
That was quite a journey of fatigue and tension. He deserve a good rest. Just like you will, soon.
Mzee Jomo Kenyatta ascended into office on the backdrop of a ravaged country, demotivated populace, white and Indian Government workforce. All critical arms including Parliament and Judiciary were in the hands of the White man. Economy was reeling under pains.
Yet, he did not point to the exiting Governor-General, McDonald McMillan, nor open inquiry to prosecute him and his colonial machinery. He even invited him to stay, at a place of his choice. He choose the Roselyne Estate. Until when he left in peace back to England.
Mzee Moi took over the Government amidst a powerful Kiambu mafia which had dismissed him as a passing cloud. They never wanted him in the first place. In a twist of fate, he openly declared that he would walk in the footsteps of the late President in all words and actions.
From there, the name Nyayo was born out of ‘Nitafuata Nyayo za Mtukufu Rais Mzee Wetu Kenyatta, Baba wa Taifa’. Mzee Moi took it to himself, the responsibility of protecting the young nucleus family of Mzee Kenyatta and his wider extended family against any malice WHATSOEVER. As a sign of gratitude, he picked the son of his friend to succeed him, at only 41 years of age,in 2002. That’s the highest form of gratitude,while it did not need to get there.
Mzee Kibaki was sworn in in a wheel chair, with Mzee Moi overlooking his swearing in, ready to hand over the sword of power. The crowds were chanting, jeering and baying for the blood of Mzee Moi. They even threw mud and rotten eggs to mzee Moi, hoping that Mzee Kibaki would order for Mzee Moi to be arrested instantly he swore in.
Mzee Kibaki instead thanked Mzee Moi and asked as usual, the military chopper to airlift him to his retirement home. Remember this wasn’t done to your predecessor Sir.
In an act of extreme grace, Mzee Kibaki asked his Lands Minister, to process the title deed of the Government House Mzee Moi was residing, as his own property. That home stand majestic in the Kabarnet Gardens.
When President Uhuru Kenyatta took over, he protected Mzee Kibaki from oral, written and political attacks from all Kenyans who may have been aggrieved by Mzee Kibaki while he served. Until he rested in peace. He touched none of his properties, companies or estate.
President Kenyatta got the rare privilege of burying the two of his predecessors. A divine honor which Mzee Kenyatta and Mzee Kibaki did not get.
The gist of that historical background is to beseech you to walk the path your predecessors have walked. I am not asking you to hand over unilateral powers to President Uhuru Kenyatta to commit crimes, or to evade taxes. In any case, he’s still a PENSIONER of your Government. He can always be held into account, and his pension recovered to pay evaded taxes.
I am only, as a lone author, asking you to consider that the sacred path your predecessors walked was not a favor. The furnace that hosted fire, still retain warmth.
Don’t allow, Mr President, your political arm to desecrate the good retired President. He is finding his life back from the trenches of power. He’s trying in his retirement, to find the meaning of the VANITY it is all about. He’s recollecting the pieces of what Meteoric Life he led for 20 years without stop. Don’t disturb his soul. Let his bones hold his flesh in peace.
Small people addressing him in the media with all insinuations and lies are out of order Mr President. Reign on them bad mouths!
He’s not in their league, and you know well, the burden of that office, the honor and respect it deserve. The laws they are quoting to disparage your predecessor are out of relevance. They’ve been amended several times over.
Stop them from bastardizing the 4th President of Kenya. Worse Sir, don’t trend yourself, on that mill. You’d rather carry your issues with him through established elders mechanisms. Refer to President Seretse Khama Ian Khama and how he’s dealing with his Successor whom they fell out. Or even the way President President Joe Biden deals with President Trump. There are precedents Sir.
Presidents do not walk the Untrodden Paths, they beat the Walked Paths of their predecessors on matters touching on the previous office holders which do not threaten the National Security.
President Uhuru Kìnyata was your friend. Walked with and by you, until it was untenable. He has paid his price by losing on his preferred successor. You will pay your price out of the causes of fall out. And you’ve not even began.
Protect your bosom buddy. And his family. Up to the generations the Lord will help you to see. Ensure none toucheth not just his hair, but hairline too. It is the ONLY RIGHT THING you can do.
And while he live, make peace. It would be a crisis, if you buried him while you’ve not buried the hatchet. And his spirit would never leave you to be.
This is my letter to you, with the Respect you deserve, Earth and Heaven Mr President.
My name is in the public notice board, and I once walked those corridors carefully learning the esoteric wisdom of the ancient, plastered all over the State House Kenya walls, floors, roofs and in between them all.

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