“Co-Parenting doesn’t stop us from having TWA TWA TWA”, EX partners speak

"Co-Parenting doesn't stop us from having TWA TWA", EX partners speak

If you and your partner have separated or gotten divorced, it can be difficult to interact with them regularly and maintain a civil relationship. However, you may have to practice and learn how to do so, for the sake of your child or children, to help them grow up with safety, security, and the love and support of both parents.

One couple seems to be doing just fine with their Co-parenting arrangements but they left many people puzzled after they claimed that their relationship goes beyond just co-parenting.
"Co-Parenting doesn't stop us from having TWA TWA", EX partners speak

Many people weighed in on the post with their own opinions on the post, but most were not impressed with the claims made by the couple.

Co-parenting is an arrangement where both parents work together and share the responsibilities of raising their child, or children, even though they are no longer married or in a romantic relationship. If it becomes romantic as this couple claims, it ends up causing so much confusion and hurting the other partners that they have moved on with.

A lot was said regarding this situation as you will see below in the comments box.

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