By Abraham Mutai via fb

That DP William Ruto was not even recognized or given a chance to greet the gathering yet he was conspicuously present yet again tells of a President who is tired of a nagging girlfriend (Read William Ruto) who has refused to leave despite being dumped, chased and humiliated.

She has resorted to sticking tightly to the skin of Uhuru like a desperate tick that can’t let go of a cow no matter how many times to fumigate the cow or take it to the cattle dip. It is indeed shameful.


There is nothing honourable or gentlemanly of what William is Doing. His sycophants have confused his fear and cowardice to leave as a ‘strategy’. That’s why it is so easy to fool Kenyans. Just tell them lies and they won’t even take time to analyze and use their brains. Ruto’s supporters are now exact replica of what we used to accuse Raila Odinga’s supporters of, blind sycophancy and unparalleled following, near-cult.

William Ruto knows his options outside Jubilee lies on the streets of Nairobi, teargas and bullets. This is something William has never done in his entire life. Ruto has never fought the government on the streets for DEMOCRACY AND HUMAN RIGHTS. He only knows how to weld power. But supporters can’t hear any of this, can’t see and not ready to. Kufa devera Kufa makanga!

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