Fine Urban Interiors to award lucky fans, HERE’S HOW

Architectural and Interior design firm Fine Urban Interiors has announced that it will be giving away free cash prizes to viewers of real estate projects on the firm’s YouTube channel.

By watching a video of one of the firm’s latest real estate projects on its YouTube channel and following a set of instructions, the lucky winner could stand a chance to secure Kes 200, 000.

After watching the video on the YouTube channel, viewers will be required to take a clear screenshot of their favorite moment or scene.

They will then be required to share the screenshot on their Instagram feed or story, and tag five friends who they think will be interested in the content.

They can then encourage them to subscribe to the firm’s YouTube channel and follow their Instagram page. Each tagged friend must subscribe to the YouTube channel and follow the official Instagram page.

The winner, who stands a chance to secure Kes 200, 000, will be selected at random from the pool of eligible entries and announced on Instagram page.

Here is a link to the YouTube video

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