Been moved to tears after watching a once vibrant and active Felix Orinda paralyzed and voiceless.
As a result of ODM. Yes ODM. A party that is led by money hungry, heartless people who care about nothing about morality, ethics or uprightness… As long as you have money to pay to the Supreme family.

Babu is not the problem. The party that gives room to such people, and celebrates them is.
Mark you, after shooting his helpless victim, Babu was welcomed by the Supreme leader and allowed by the Supreme leader to speak in 3 Rallies!!!! Not one, but 3 Rallies.
Our pain of watching him dance at the misfortune was only stopped by Covid-19 measures, not ODM shame.

ODM system gave birth to a system where 70% MPs are either drug dealers, wash wash conmen, plunderers or plain violent gang leaders.
In Alego, Sam Atandi runs a murderous gang. He is a deeply violent man who has been publicly calling his followers to “bring the heads of those opposed to baba, and I will pay hard cash” These are words he utters in public, and no one dares touch him. He has 3 assault cases, but due to his deep pockets – he buys freedom. The police are only waiting for him to kill or paralyze someone, in order to act. Atandi was a Director at NBK when the bank was robbed dry.
70% of ODM MPs are like Atandi and Babu.
My tears came because DJ Evolve represents the state of the Luo Nation in 2020. We have been paralyzed economically, socially, and physically by a leader we call “our own”
We have no voice, since all brains have been muted and only sing one song, the bababa song. All our industries have been killed, and our Supreme leader is selling all sugar factories to one investor.
Our leaders are voiceless as we are fed on toxic Chinese fish that are used as pig feed in other countries. Fish that Tanzanian authorities burnt after the first test. Fish that NTV and Daily Nation exposed by doing independent test….

I weep for my Luo Nation.
But deep down, I know Freedom is Coming.
One day DJ Evolve will stand.
One day the once mighty Luo Nation will rise.
I suggest that Fund Raisers start a paybill for “DJ Evolve Must Walk and Talk Again”

Let all Kenyans of goodwill contribute and send him to Germany for treatment, and shame the heartless political elite that run ODM.

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