Humble beginning has a key to success

10 years ago, I am seen here reading the Bible. This used to be the village rented kind of flat where we lived. It’s in the home town of Kìgumo.
A decade later, mum has her own bungalow in her own land while Zack & his family got his tea farm and mansion just nearby, almost at the foothills of Aberdare ranges.
This post is to encourage you. Not to praise the poor son of a woman.
With determination, hope and God’s unending grace, you can improve your life from one stage to another. I have within these 10 years, acquired a college degree, and almost finishing the second one. From just a fourth form certificate.
Dr Martin Luther King Jr told Junior School Students in Alabama during their annual convention the following,:
Keep crawling if you crawl.
Keep walking if you walk.
Keep running if you run.
Keep flying if you fly, but whatever you do, keep going forward.
Trust your journey, and don’t be Jealous of your peers step of success. It will happen to you if you want it so badly, in your own ‘God’s-time’ .
Have an inspired Wednesday, a refreshing 1st day of the 2nd month, this Year of our Lord!
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