Monday it is! And here is some Monday motivation from Huddah the boss chic on how to succeed in life.

Over time, Hudda has established herself as a vibrant brand, a seasoned socialite, adult content creator cum an entrepreneur.

As an entrepreneur, Huddah has immensely invested in herself as Huddah and on her beauty brand “Huddah Cosmetics”.

Huddah’s revenues mainly stream in from her socialite gigs, Social media influencing, Huddah cosmetics, and on Onlyfans premium adult content website, she reveals.

The boss chic felt generous enough to share her success tips through here insta stories where she wrote

“don’t be embarrassed about your hustle, when you are broke very few people will come to your rescue”

Having cleared the air, she went on to post proof that the onlyfans hustle pays pretty handsome. Huddah posted a screenshot of her onlyfan account statement indicating her balance standing at Ksh. 721, 600 after she withdrew Ksh. 4,500,000

Despite not having uploaded any content on the site recently, Huddah has promised to post yet another badass snap out there that’s bound to wreck many relationships & cause a dent on your credit card, she said.

Huddah further shared some hints on the most favorable social media platforms for content sharing through a repost that alluded ” Instagram barely lets your followers see your content so it can be way harder to touch new audiences Vs. on Twitter with one retweet and you are touching so many others. On YouTube, you’ll pop up on related content, and titok has great logarithms for how videos are found”.
Huddah as well pointed out and insisted on the importance of being a real friend, she wrote…. “moral of the story: be a real friend.”

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