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There comes a time when silence, even to oneself, is betrayal. To the talkers and trollers:⁣

1. LABELS: Stop affixing labels on people who are NOT what you’re calling them. The dynamics of a relationship are too intricate for you to simply slap on a label on someone. If I haven’t said it myself, you have no right to go labeling me this or that. I hardly ever address trolls. But today I’m setting the record straight! Pun intended. Get this from both the Queen and the horse’s mouth; I AM NOT WHAT YOU ARE LABELLING ME. I will not be explaining anything to anyone, or “admitting” to your allegations just to quell your petty curiosities. When I work hard, you troll. When I play hard, you troll. When I love hard, you troll. TF? Each time you slander my name, I still make a sale. So who’s sleeping better?⁣

2. ROLE MODEL: I did not sign up to be anyone’s role model. I signed up to live my dream! If this has inspired others along the way, great! I’m too many things to be boxed in one. So pick what floats your boat about me and move with it. But don’t tell me how I should live my life, what I should ‘admit’ to or what position you reckon I like. For the record; Out here, on top. In there, none of your business. ⁣

3. GET SERIOUS: There are far more important things in life to worry about than who eats bacon and who prefers a salad. Even if I was, what’s it to you? Why do other people’s preferences bother you? Let people do them! When I had time on my hands, I didn’t waste it gossiping. I began building my empire. This is why you know about me to talk about me today. What will you be, the loser gossiping or the winner winning? I think a “W” makes for a better crown than an “L.” 👑 ⁣

Talkers and trollers, be sure as you come for me with the God I serve, and the family, friends and fans I have! The dirt I have on some of you talking about me would never be enough to cover your hypocritical lives! Tread cautiously, the Universe keeps receipts!

Here’s a spoiler for you though; with God by my side, I will continue to ride high and win at life! 🐎 Now y’all can go and have a salad, or bacon. Or both.

Still I Rise! 🦅



Your sensual nature is something that will always make me hold my breath every time I see your beautiful pictures!! What a sight you are and yes you got me tripping most of the time because Damn you are SEXY!
It’s one thing to be beautiful but is quite something when you have such a gorgeous extremely sensual woman by your side through your friendship and love whose wholesomeness is unmatchable ♥️. I have experienced the most beautiful love with you Queen and it shows in every single inch of my existence . Baby you got me at hello and what a time to celebrate you darling. Happy Birthday you Sexy Queen!! @michelle.ntalami 🌹💋

By michelle.ntalami via Instagram

I don’t ride with who I’ve known the longest. I ride with who rides with me the strongest! 👊🏾
@makenanjeri @niyati.patel10 ⁣⁣⁣Bless the Universe the day I met both of you. Both at a time where I was so lost and confused, and had my serious doubts about friendship. Broken, betrayed and abandoned by those I considered to be close to me. Then you came in and turned it around. You walked with me and healed with me. You saw my depth, and chose to dive in and swim with me, rather than wait it out on the shores. ⁣

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Michelle darling 😘I don’t know what I did right in my life to make the universe bring such an angel into my life, but I’m definitely going to spend the rest of my life making you as happy as you make me feel. How long has it been since the first time we met? It may have been just a few years but to me it feels like a blur. I guess that’s what happens when you’re having so much fun with someone you love that you completely lose track of time. I know I have matured and grown together with you. So my darling @michelle.ntalami Happy Happy Birthday, today is for the woman who has been with me through it all and still loved me unconditionally. This is your special day and I want you to enjoy every minute of it. Whatever you need, I’m at your beck and call. If you need a foot rub, a back rub, someone to take you shopping and spoil you silly , or just someone to drive you around town, I’m your person. This year, I want to make you feel like the princess you truly are. I want to make you feel like you’re a true goddess who deserves all the love I give to you ♥️.Of course, you can push your luck on this day because it’s your birthday 😉( however you know I will always give you whatever you want) . Whenever your birthday comes around, I breathe a silent prayer of thanks to all the forces of the universe that brought you and I together because our story is one for the books and I will forever look forward to celebrating all your birthdays with you . I love deeply happy birthday darling ♥️.

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We’ve had our ups and downs through the years, and they’ve certainly not been easy. But you have proven that your love for me remains on top no matter what. We’ve made promises together, and we’ve fought to keep them. With us, it’s not just take and take, it’s always give and take..and that’s so special.⁣
It doesn’t matter what anyone says or thinks about us, that will never be our business. This world will always be quicker to rip apart a good thing, than to applaud it. What matters is the bond we share between us, and the commitment to holding each other’s hands through the storms of life.⁣
You both know I am loyal like a dog, when I choose to go hard for someone it’ll hardly ever end because of me! So I hope y’all are ready for the ride of a lifetime with me! 🐶😉 ⁣

I love you both, and thank you for Queening me and giving me the best Birthday ever! To many more adventures together!👸🏾🎂💕


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