Today has been a very amazing day and a sad day with everyone at my work Place at Mediamax …Covid hit hard and everyone has to have their belts tight and unfortunately Mediamax has been hit too…I was not at work today because we had not agreed on alot of things and terms and even as we speak my HR had me on hold still discussing terms of employment…Unfortunately we dint agree..So just like today I wont be at work tommorow or any other day…In short Last Friday was my last day at Milele Fm and I want to thank everyone who supported me and every fan who was with that to the point we became the most popular and No 1 Radio Station in the country
1. I want to thank the Mediamax management for the opportunity they gave me and I will forever be grateful.
2. To my brother @alex_mwakideu you know to my last blood I love you! Keep shinning and being the best
3. To all my colleagues at Mediamax both at Milele , K24 , Kameme , Emoo, Maiyan, and Meru Fm…I’ll forever love you.
3. To my fans and every listener Thank you for tuning in! Like we say
#ItambeMilele…For now let’s meet on YouTube #BongaNaJalas
Love you guys…sometimes you win…sometimes you loose! But in all this dont forget to always focus! Love you guys!

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