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Now, he is a pale shadow of his former self. He lies in bed helplessly, literally depending on his mother for everything, thanks to a bullet lodged into his body by the diabolical and dishonourable member of parliament Paul Ongili, alias Babu Owino.

This is a story of pain that runs through his spinal cord, interfering with his nerve system and eventually immobilizing his gifted disc-jockeying hands; his sole source of livelihood.


This is pain that cuts through his now wrinkled face and projects itself via a hoarse voice as the ultimate demonstration of the agony that the one-time pompous DJ has to battle with courtesy of utter recklessness.

On the evening of 7th January 2020, Felix Orinda, stage-named DJ Evolve trooped to his place of work at B-Club on Galana Road in Klimani, ready to bang the revelers with music.

Unfortunately, that night turned out to be the darkest hour of his life, leaving a permanent scar of impunity on his body desecrated by a bullet and a stark reminder that things will never be the same for him.

Accompanied by one of his aides and wielding a gun on his right hand while imbibing liquor in a bottle firmly in the grip of his left-hand, Babu Owino pulled the trigger that effectively brought the life of Felix Orinda to a screeching halt.

He was then captured carrying the injured DJ to one of his cars and hurriedly rushing him to the Nairobi Hospital.

But since Babu Owino belongs to an exclusive club of elites to whom the law selectively applies at a different standard, the flamboyant MP is now walking scot free while Orinda is battling for his dear life.

This is a continuation of a streak of a chequered thuggish lifestyle acquired from the streets, nurtured at the University of Nairobi and now transferred to parliament.

But with NTV catching up with Felix Orinda in his bed, injured to the core and traumatized to the hilt should be the final nail driven to Babu’s coffin.

However, in what some Babu fanatics struggled to spin as an act of transgression that warranted the opening of fire, DJ Evolve and his mother have resigned their fate to God.

Perhaps, this is an indication that the winding path to justice may as well never get them to their destination.

For a country that prides itself on a robust constitution and ‘functional’ justice system, the incident in the wee hours of the night on the dawning days of January 2020 proves how low we have sunk.

Being a parliamentarian, Babu Owino must be held accountable to higher ideals. But the uncomfortable truth is that the ODM seemingly failed Kenyans at an opportune time when it should have swung into action and expunge the erratic Owino from their list of members.

Because no one is interested in Orinda’s justice, Babu will continue drawing salary from taxpayers, including Orinda. This is yet another innocent blood that is slipping through the fingers of Babu, who by all intent and standards, seem to be reveling at such acts.

This is no mean feat for a man whose name is characteristically synonymous to violence, and can be used interchangeably.

And perhaps, the family of Orinda must be coming to terms with the fact that they may never even sniff justice. However, they should never forget that the arch of the moral universe is long but it will ultimately bend towards justice for DJ Evolve. And it will be served hot.

For now, nothing will seemingly stop Babu from baying for another blood. Nothing will stop him from robbing another mother of her bundle of joy on account of drunken stupor.

And this keeps emboldening him because he is a certified poet in the court of his masters, forgetting that one day the place will come down and he will account for each and every single act of criminality he has committed.

That, ladies and gentlemen, is the beauty of justice.

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