MAAJABU: 70 year old woman to marry a 27 year old man, claims she’s pregnant (PHOTOS)

27-year-old Ugandan man, Steven Tikubuwana, is planning to marry his 70-year-old lover, Zaituni Nakanda, early next year in what he says would be a serious wedding.

We can reveal that the two are already living together in Kyungu, Mukono municipality in a single-room house that belongs to Zaituni.

Tikubuwana says he met his caring sweetheart in 2014 after he lost his job as a shamba boy.

“I lost my job and was homeless for about two months. She welcomed me into her home. At first, she seemed afraid but later warmed up to me.”

He added that his relatives and friends are not happy with their relationship but insists that it does not move him an inch.

The lovebirds

The man, who will be venturing into his second marriage after splitting from his first wife, claims unlike his former wife, Nakanda is faithful and caring.

However, Tikubuwana already has a son and a daughter aged 4 and 8 who are living with his parents in Kabale district.

The young man says he has not yet disclosed the news to his parents; but plans to invite them to his new home before the wedding.

On her part, Zaituni, who is now elated to have a man by her side, divulged that she had been single since 1993 when she left her former husband.

“Getting a husband is a miracle,” she said.

She too claims to be indifferent to the negative comments regarding their relationship.

She is nevertheless happy that the young man is never ashamed to introduce her as his wife.

Infuriated, Beatrice Nakanfu, a neighbour of the couple, lamented: “As a mother, it annoys me that such an old woman can get involved in a relationship with someone young enough to be her grandson. What a shame!”

For now, Nakanda claims to be pregnant, but doctors who examined her at Mulago Hospital refute her claims.

She has, however, refused to believe the doctors.

Nakanda, who is childless, hails from Kamuli District. She has never conceived or even had menstrual periods.

All her siblings are dead, and it is her nephews and nieces living in Mukono who often support her.

Her lover is a casual labourer in Mukono Municipality, says the publication.

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