From a poll contacted in Kakamega Count, senator Cleophas Malala is considered as political opportunist who will do anything as long as it meets his political agenda.

However, Lugari MP Hon. Savula is considered as the most generous amongst those seeking to succeed Governor Oparanya in 2022.

On whom to succeed Oparanya, 32% of the residents believe Savula is the right man followed by  Mr. Fernandes at 29%.

Former Senator Dr. Boni Khalwale comes in third with a rating of 27% with the incumbent Senator Cleophas Malala polling 2% behind the current deputy governor Mr. Philip Kutima at 3%.

COVID19 Response.

From the findings, a majority of the residents (44%) stated that Hon. Savula had put in considerable efforts to cover them from the pandemic as compared to his closet rival Mr. Ferdinand Barasa (3%1). With this in mind, Kakamega residents felt that Hon. Savula is likely to turn up during their hour of need.

Deputy Governor Mr. Phillip Kutima was considered to have gone missing during the pandemic and has done nothing away from the county government efforts to cushion residents from the pandemic.

Track Record

Of those who would vote for Hon. Savula, 49% say he has a track record of performance as the MP for Lugari, while 28% believe that Fernandes Barasa from his resent activities, if given a chance, he would do a great job.

Political Party Affiliation

The Amani Congress has the highest number of supporters in Kakamega County with 61%.  This is a clear indication that Kakamega remains an ANC stronghold. ODM has only 15% supporters’ whist 8% say they do not support any party.

The county is heading in the right direction

56% of the respondents are of the opinion that the county government is heading in the right direction. 24% feel that the county is heading in the wrong direction whilst 9% are neutral.

The findings are from a research conducted between 15th to 25th July 2020 where 700 registered voters living in the 12 sub counties in Kakamega County where interviewed through face to face interviews.

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