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Friday thought in my moon-lit hut….
I grew up listening to great hits, in all languages especially my own Gîkùyû, both in gospel and secular genres, condemning drunkenness and alcohol. Even where alcohol was not condemned, moderation and timing was greatly dramatized.
As a result, lessons shared of how alcohol ended families, owners of bars, drunkards and the children of owners of pubs and manufacturers really shattered any hope for the first attemptors.
Today, songs are composed of great praises to drunkenness. Licentiousness is a value to be emulated.
Your daughter is fake, if she won’t drink from Friday, running from one bar to another, until Saturday late. All Sunday she’s off.
Your son won’t make any meaningful deal outside a club. He’s told deals are made on the tables of alcohol.
This is how they are inducted and damned.
To our artists who are composing and singing in praise of drunkenness, remember you’ve got a higher responsibility to your society. To decelerate vices in your community, by your artistic performance and message. Don’t sing so reckless in your pursuit to be an instant celebrity. And remember too, such songs do not live long. They end as soon as the damage is done.
Listen to those classics that warned our fathers about the damage of alcohol. You’ll be entertained, but well educated and guided.
All Youthful artists doing this damage of praising what we should shun, have exacerbated the problem in our schools. Drugs and alcohol is a scourge in secondary schools, and universities. Our young adults are so drunk. I’m told by those who club lots, that girls aged 18-25 years are downing a whole bottle of whiskies undiluted. And can’t blink. While one such bottle to a middle level man is a whole black out for three days.
Let the art do its thing. Educate. Chastise and Guide.
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