Pay taxes first- William Ruto warned by youth activists

The Call by President William Samoei Ruto for all the people to pay taxes, corporate persons included is RIGHT, and must be supported by the rational and the sane-thinking people.
This call, must too, be executed through the processes laid by and in law. That way, he has the blessings of the citizens and the welfare of the nation will prove him right.
But tax collection is not done in the media. It is not done by insinuations. Tax collection is not a finger pointing exercise. It is a calculated well laid down procedural exercise. It is not a shadow boxing game.
If President Uhuru Kenyatta has any tax arrear, he’s not above the law. He’s not exempt. If he is guilty of tax evasion, or tax avoidance, he surely live within the Republic.
President Kenyatta has his properties, known by the Government machinery.
We must separate President Uhuru Kenyatta from the Kenyatta family. Kenyatta family has known businesses. The Matriarch is still alive and can be summoned if she has overseen a tax-exempt business empire.
Mr President,
This practice of prosecuting the Kenyattas in public is UNPRESIDENTIAL. If your political rabid dogs are still in campaign mode, and won by bastardizing your predecessor, reign on them. You’re now the Supremo. You are the 5th man to sit there. He was the 4th. Remember karma is a bitch. Some guy will come to your seat. Of all the 4 who have preceded you, you are the most likely to go after. Closely knit by the errors of the past guilt. Evidence not deep in the sand if needed by nefarious successor.
Protect your once-upon friend. The man who did what he did in the Netherlands. Remember the old good days. Above all, be PRESIDENTIAL.
Sr Kenyatta let Governor Baring and McDonald McMillan be.
Mzee Moi let the bones of Sr Kenyatta rest in peace.
Mzee Kibaki did not even recover the Government House Moi occupied in Kabarnet Gardens. In an act of gentlemanship, he ordered Hon Kimunya to process the title for that property in the name of Moi. He allowed Moi to live in Bliss and absolute nirvana.
You know your erstwhile friend, President Kenyatta did not even dare mention Mzee Kibaki except when he was referring to him in HONOR and REVERENCE.
You can’t be ONLY RIGHT President in the league of your equals President Bill. Rise up from your stupor. It’s not Presidential.
Let President Kenyatta be. Give him Silence, as the least of favor he may need from you. He too has his people. I am one.
Uhuru was an easy guy. You loved him for that. He taught you to be easy goer. He was people’s guy. Until late.
Let his peace be your agenda. He was good to you.
His mother laid hands on your head. Asked God to make you a good son of your mother, and a great leader to your country. You’ve become both. Wachana na Rais Kenyatta, MTUKUFU RAIS RUTO, TAFADHALI.
Let President Uhuru be arrested tomorrow for funding maandamano. We’ll support your move in aim of LAW and ORDER.
Let Hajji prosecute him and his companies for TAX Evasion.
As he stand in the dock, we’ll support you in all attempts to enforce tax compliance.
But don’t do in the media. It is exposing for hatred and bitterness, the family of two presidents. Be like Joe Biden, he has never mentioned Donald Trump even if he is guilty of tax evasion. He allowed the INSTITUTIONS to go after his predecessor. And the same INSTITUTIONS has now gone after Joe Biden. The law is an ass.
Imagine if the law became an ass in Kenya? Would you be exempt Mr President?
I beseech you to let Uhuru be. If he spoke tomorrow, you’ll be amazed by the LOVE REKINDLED, amongst his people. And Kenyans in general. The guy is loved. The guy is charmed.
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