Rev Natasha touched and inspired many with her generosity and donations.

The Natasha Hand of Compassion Team continued its distribution of food packs to families in informal settlements who have been much affected by the  ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic, many families found themselves going through hard economic times, no income and having a meal to many becomes an impossible task .

In demonstrating the love of Christ to her generation, Rev Natasha, the Oracle of God has chosen to lead from the front in being a source of happiness to these families. The team shared much needed food assistance to hundreds of families, there was a huge number of elderly people reached.


In her words, ” I cannot fold my hands when we have families and especially the elderly and children who are struggling to have a meal.”

Her Social outreach measures have been much appreciated by the families , well coordinated by her team and what an inspiring example of caring Leadership. When the annals of history are recorded, it will be clear to all that when there was a global problem that stopped so many income generating activities, Rev Natasha was at the frontline in being an answer to our communities , providing food to many and through her efforts inspiring her generation that we face problems together and overcome them together.

As the whole world goes through a trying time, key leaders such as Rev Natasha inspire many with hope, compassion and an assurance that together we are stronger and together we will be victorious.

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