Routine Care Benefit $50 each year for any two of the following

The Ultimate Pet Care products allows you to add a Routine Care benefit for an extra cost. You can claim $165 per year on the cost of routine and preventive care if detailed below:

$50 each year for any two of the following

Vaccinations or health check
Council registration fees
Heartworm preventative medication
Teeth cleaning
Alternative therapies
Prescription diets
Dewclaw removal
Behavioural therapy
Obedience training
Cremation or burial
Plus annual benefits for:

Heartworm test or blood screen ($10 value)
FeLv/Fiv test or urinalysis ($10 value)
Flea/tick/worm control ($45 value)
Taking care of your pet’s health
We’ve worked with pet experts to provide the best advice for looking after your best friend.

Work Better, Live Better with Medibank
At Medibank, we adopt a more holistic approach to health insurance and seek to establish a bigger picture around what ‘better health’ means – for you, and your employees. Meaning we don’t just focus on what goes on in people’s 9 to 5. We look at how each member can improve every part of their everyday. Because ultimately, we know that when you work better, you live better too.

Want 4 weeks free and up to $500 in gift cards?
Get 4 weeks free when you join and maintain eligible Bronze hospital and extras cover or above. Plus – you could get 50,000 Live Better Points (couples and families) or 25,000 Live Better Points (singles and single parents) to redeem on rewards like gift cards. We’ll also waive 2&6 month waiting periods on extras. New members only.‡ Use promo code: 4WEEKSPLUS

Why Medibank Travel Insurance?
No matter how well you plan for a trip, sometimes things go wrong. And while travel insurance can’t prevent the unexpected, it’s good to know you have a backup plan just in case. Our International Comprehensive Travel Insurance gives you leading Hospital, Accident and Medical Evacuation Cover. Travelling at home? Our Domestic Travel Insurance can provide cover your valuables, rental car excess and some cancellation costs.

Holidaying here this year? Even when you’re on your home turf flights can get cancelled, luggage can go missing and accidents can happen. With Medibank Domestic Travel Insurance you can enjoy your Aussie adventure knowing some of those mishaps are covered.
Cover for COVID-19
We’ve added a number of benefits related to COVID-19 onto our domestic and international policies. Including cover for overseas medical costs if you are diagnosed whilst travelling.

Learn more
Cancellation costs
Expense cover for accommodation and other prepaid costs if you have to cancel due to certain unforeseen circumstances such as a family emergency.1

Rental car insurance excess
Sometimes, the excess on your rental car can be, well excessive. Our Domestic Travel policy provides covers for your rental car excess if you have an accident.

Cover for luggage and personal effects
Includes cover for lost, stolen or damaged valuables such as luggage, laptops, cameras and certain personal items.2

Multi-award winning travel insurance
We’re proud to be winners in Mozo’s Experts Choice Awards 2022.
Exceptional Quality Travel Insurance Award, Exceptional Quality Travel Insurance Annual Multi-Trip Award and Exceptional Value Annual Multi-Trip Award.

What cover do I have in Australia?
Even within Aussie shores, luggage can go missing, flights get cancelled and rental car fenders can get bent. With Medibank Domestic Travel Insurance, you’ll have cover for the new situations and some cancellation costs.

Inclusion Amount
Cancellation and Amendments
Cancellation and amendment fees when your travel arrangements change due to certain unforeseen circumstances such as a family emergency.
Additional Expenses
Inclusions for specific additional expenses, including accommodation and transport expenses if you get sick and can’t complete your journey.
Luggage and Personal Effects
Generous inclusions for luggage and personal effects with only $50 excess, so there’s cover for your items while you’re exploring Australia.
Rental Car Insurance Excess
Hire car insurance excess cover up to $5,000. $5,000
Travel Delay Expenses
Cover for out-of-pocket accommodation and transport expenses resulting from delays outside of your control.
Loss of Income
In some cases, where you’re injured during your trip and unable to return to work, we’ll help for up to 6 months while you’re getting back on your feet. $2,0003
Permanent Disability
If you have an accident that permanently affects your sight or the use of your limbs, we may be able to offer financial assistance. $10,0003
Accidental Death
A benefit payable in the event of your death, to your estate if your death is the result of an injury caused by violent, accidental, visible and external means. $10,0003
Personal Liability
Depending on the circumstances, we may be able to help pay the compensation you become unintentionally legally liable for if you damage someone’s property or person. $50,000

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