By Abraham mutai via FB

William Ruto incessantly gave church donations to Central Kenya to brainwash gullible believers.

He donated to central Kenya till members of the Clergy from Rift Valley Protested that them too had churches in Rift Valley that William Ruto could use in his quest of investing in Heaven.

Same is now happening on Wheelbarrow & Mkokoteni donations. Most if not all donations are happening in Nairobi to Wanjiru, Waithera, Kamau and others. It is almost unheard of Ruto donating Mkokoteni and wheelbarrows in Litein, Bomet, Mogogosiek, Eldama Ravine, Baringo, Kericho and Narok towns. He has not and I dont think he will.

The main reason why Ruto does all this in Western Kenya, Nyanza and Kikuyuland but not home (Rift Valley) is because Kalenjin leaders have been leading the brainwashing of the Kalenjin people. They have been telling the gullible voters in the Rift that since Ruto has the votes in Rift Valley intact, let us allow him to woo voters across the country.

It is a tired narrative that has been hammered DAILY into the my Kalenjin brothers it has seen most people from Rift Valley not question why Ruto never dishes goodies to the people of Rift Valley. This includes Government jobs, roads, development and opportunities.

But unknown to many gullible voters in Rift Valley, politicians who have vehemently asked the people not to ‘sumbua’ Ruto and allow him woo voters elsewhere have surrounded William and formed Armageddon fortress that no one from Rift Valley can penetrate. This ensures that they benefit from government tenders and looting therefore effectively closing out businessmen from Rift Valley and common REAL HUSTLERS.

This is the sole reason why in ALL scandals involving William Ruto’s allies who are Kalenjin, you only find names of people close to him or ELECTED politicians from Rift Valley. While scandals involving sections of Government perceived to be held by the Kikuyu community you always find names of so common people that you even wonder huyu naye alitoka wapi. Mostly scandals that involve this other side of Government has more diverse people, businessmen and even hoi polloi like the Ngiritas.

It is calculated. Long term strategy. They think we dont know but some of us can see through them.

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