The former Majority Whip in the senate Hon Susan Kihika has thrown her hat in the ring and declared to battle out the incumbent Nakuru governor Lee Kinyanjui.

While speaking on a local TV, the outspoken senator allied to the deputy president claimed that it is the right time women should take the top political leadership positions and she thinks it is the right time for her to vie for a gubernatorial seat.

“I am definitely going for it. In the whole country, we had three female governors. But, after the demise of (Dr) Joyce Laboso, we now have two. In 2022, I want to join the league of women governors in Kenya. My people have been telling me to do so and I am listening to them.” Susan Kihika stated.

The “Tangatanga” allied senator who has been on the limelight to defend the deputy president William Ruto both on the floor of the house and in the general public, was ousted from the whip position and replaced by senator Irungu Kangata.

Susan Kihika noted that the equality and fairness in political leadership needs more women create the equilibrium point of political balance in terms of gender.

“There is a big chance that, Yes, I will throw my hat in the ring” she claimed.

“We need more women governors and I think I’m as good as the next one and I’m able to compete favorably with the men of Nakuru” she added.

According to Susan, women should rise on their feet and fight for leadership positions as it is their constitutional right to do so.


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