Residents of Kabare location, Gichugu constituency in Kirinyaga county are still in shock following a bitter revelation on early Friday afternoon.

The villagers were shocked after it came out open that Samuel Githinji had married his younger mother 3 months after his father’s death. Samule’s father John Githinji Njoroge had two wives namely Miriam wanjiku and Anastacia mukami.

Samuel is said to have been with his late dad’s wife for two weeks now . Astonished villagers said that they thought it was a normal friendship in a family but later realized then it was a choreographed love that seemed alive when the late dad was still around.


Gikuyu Elders from Gichugu constituency I’m condemned the act and asked for pure cleansing of Samuel and the anger mother Anastasia mukami .

The old men have said that they have to perform rituals to safeguard the family.

However on his part, Samuel Githinji had vowed not to let go Anastasia saying that it was his father’s wish that the lady remains in their home. Anastasia on her part said that

They’re in deep Love and that nothing will stop them from embracing each other till death do them apart. At the time of demise of Samuel’s father the two had not sired children.

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