Sto attacking your son- Kikuyu leaders warned!

Dear Senators for Nyandarùa, Kirinyaga and Co…. ,
It is true you’re young people, who were elected by many people to represent your people. But it is the Youthfolk who get more inspired and stand more to gain,by your participation in the national affairs.
I am among the Youthfolk, who feel represented in the Parliament, by your youthfulness. However, my feeling is not blind. It is a rational feeling. Meaning that I will scrutinize with an open mind, whatever you shall undertake to do, to say.
This evening, after two straight days of meditations, I have to register disillusionment and disappointment at your myopic usage by your seniors on matters extremely above your pay grade.
At only 32 years Senator Penninah John Methu, you have lost an important moment to do what is Honorable together with your other 3 colleagues for writing a letter to Kenya Revenue Authority demanding an audit of Kenyatta Land and Properties. This is swallowing a poisoned bait. It has nothing to do with Senate, or with your people’s basic interests.
If you don’t know, this war is not your war. You know the owner, and how much he gave you. And the narrative he insisted. And you know too, the incumbent President was not in thus plan to take it to the doorstep of the Retired President. Soon, you will attract your President’s low opinion of yourselves. One day, he will be retired, and he will soon identify you as manner less, and foolish. People who can do to him, what you are doing to his predecessor.
There is nothing real in this tax wars. It’s political diversionary tactics, crafted by empty regime unable to lower cost of living, and running out of patience with the impatience of the masses they lied to. Soon, this mass of people will refuse the finger-pointing and demand tangible solutions to their daily increasing troubles of life.
And while you have an occasion to contribute towards this, you have decided to prioritize envelopes and empty fame, at the expense of your fellow Youthfolk’s problems.
Get out of the self elevated tower of barbarism. Come down and let the shadows fight their difference out. If you must do anything about the Youths on this matter, lead them with a machete and a tape measure, in these families lands, sub divide and make every Youth a land owner. Less of this Impossibility, is balderdash and reeks of an ignoramus, in a youth’s mind.
This much time you seem to have in the city, can be spent in school, adding unto your live’s achievements, an added academic certificate. It’s eternal gain. And an earthly treasure.
Take this piece of advice when you’re sober, and alone, and you’ll find exactly what I wanted to say, between the lines.
Lastly my guys, think about this!
Old Men declares War, but it is the Young who must go and Die.
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