Stop ethnic profiling- William Ruto told

When all is said and done, what every rational and sane Kenyan will agree, whether they support this or that politician, that political party or the other, is that the baseline is to EASE UP the cost of living for all to afford. People outta here are STRANGLED. From education to health, food to water, electricity to all utilities.
Instead of Family Politics and Ethnicity Profiling, THE RULING ADMINISTRATION should be spending time and space, to AFFORD these things to all.
The President should lead Rallying calls for Unity of Purpose on what each corporate or individual can do, to pool resources together to make life affordable.
Tomorrow, parents enrol their pretty children Form 1 to school. Not a mean exercise. Many will not admit their children to their schools of choice due to the fees set.
Food is lacking to 12m people per night. And per daylight.
Livestock for pastoralist has become pain and tears as they continue to drop dead.
Water is drying up in seasonal rivers, and the available remaining is being auctioned at high prices, instead of distributing it widely for all.
Electricity is on the verge of becoming a luxury.
These conversations would be more important to the SUFFERING Kenyans, instead of concentrating on taxes circus. I bet the starved population have no idea what tax debates are all about.
So far, hopelessness for a majority of workers in the light industries has set in. Their wages and meagre salaries are being swallowed by the high cost of living. They are barely saving.
If we don’t address their concerns, they will be Disillusioned. And Tired and Desperate. And Violent. And DEADLY/DEATHLY.
While a President cannot solve all the problems a country can face, s/he must not Admit it. The conduct of a President is more to be trusted, than his work while he serve.
Above all, a President must not point fingers to things and people he can use power to COMPEL for his desired action.
141 cows were killed last evening by the Police. Governors for West Pokot and Elgeyo Marakwet are decrying an upsurge for widows in their Counties. Because sons and men are being slaughtered like rabbits. By bandits who are dating the State for a duel. But the State seems to be only concerned with Politics of Taxes.
Let’s be honest with ourselves.
Lamu Port and her all tremendous transformative possibilities for the NFD and the Coastal people is now stalled. CS for Defence is blaming Terrorists. Not addressing the plight. Blaming.
While our masses are still numb on the failings and negligence of the people they entrusted their living, I believe that lone voices, like that of John the Baptist in the Wilderness, still can reverberate and awaken the dead and numb consciousness of our leaders to action.
But if we decide to shove aside the plight of the weak, vulnerable, ignorant and the helpless religion-stupefied people, there shall be an unpleasant end to what journey, any of us is willing to trend.

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