The sole mission for any existing Social Contract Government is to lessen suffering of the Citizens

Citizens of majority population do not ask for much, than that the ruling elite protect their properties and their women.
With that done, the prince can sit pretty and be sure that the grumbling of the very minute brokers and buccaneers can be silenced.
The properties of thus men, include the health of their children. The peace of their abodes. And the food for their appetites.
Any Serious Government cannot allow the masses to think of good food as a luxury, or any food to be costly. Whatever must be done, the Government must do to keep Food, Cloth and Huts affordable if not free. The Governments that have taken this for granted, even in the ancient up to our times, have suffered the end of the fools.
The word subsidies have been bastardized by the ruling Elite, as an unnecessary tool to contain affordability of life. But with the dismissal, comes the pains and tears of the lowly. The pseudo elites like you and I , have only few days to feel the burning heat of the skyrocketed prices, now unaffordable cost of life.
Electricity, Water, Fuel, Taxes and Education Fees are now turning from the comfort of the past, to the distant mirage of the future. When we are properly squeezed, and with no more savings to devour, with the clique of elite playing with RELIGION as their pacifier to stupefy the ignorant unquestioning masses, it will be a race-amok. Soon.
It is just a matter of time, for the reality to strike and reverberate across the country, that Nothing is to be Lost by any Voyage we undertake, but the Loss of the Chains.
Time beckons!

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