3 am Thought

There are several mysteries in life, things we cannot just explain.
However, when you look at God’s ways you will most certainly discover that before using anyone to have impact, He crushes them, reduces them, and drags them through the Wilderness Experience….
There is nothing worse in life than going through the hands of someone who has never been through that Wilderness Experience.

Most people who have never gone through that Experience are generally insensitive, unreasonable and elitist.
They do things that we in Alego say “mako dhogi” or direct translation “hold your mouth”


I’m not talking about growing up in poverty…. That is not wilderness. In fact, the worst people in life are those who grew up in poverty, alafu washike pesa kidogo…… That is when you will start looking for the Wahenga who said “maskini akipata, matako hulia mbwata!!!!”

I’m talking about Experience in your adulthood. Experience that pin you down, keep you down, drag you down.
Experiences that make you totally depended on others.
Experiences that make hide from your age mates and class mates.
Experiences that make people mock you.
Experiences that make people run away from you.
Experiences that make people call you names and allows you to see the true character of people as they treat you like sub human.

My friends, if you have never gone through such an experience….. As an Adult….then chances of you being an arrogant Oaf are high. Chances of you being insensitive to others are high and chances of you mocking people based on their calamities are highest.
Even in leadership. Leaders who come from privileged positions always end up destroying their countries. George W Bush, a son of a billionaire totally destroyed his country, and made Americans elect their first Black President.

I think I have been through both sides of life. When I look back, I thank God for the trouble I went through.
Without that trouble, I would have been a terrible and arrogant lout.

Growing up in the leafy suburbs, my parents just ensured that we only interacted with our successful relatives , so we only met relatives in South C, Langata, and places like Kahawa Barracks where my Uncle was a Lt Col in the 80s. I then moved to stay with my elder brother, Willy, who used to deal with Nigerians selling some funny stuff, but were extremely wealthy. He owned several buildings in Highridge area. He actually employed a nutritionist who used to take orders from us in the morning on what we would eat through the day….
I went to Maseno School, and at that time, basically who is who in Kenya used to fix their children in Maseno, and we had sons of the Education Minister Aringo and powerful Kanu mandarins Lekolol, Archbishop Ondiek etc.
In campus, I ended up doing a course that had only 15 people and had several privileges from the German Government, so we ended up having holidays in the Coastal Beach Hotels at the end of nearly every semester.

I think I was as arrogant as they come, and to add to ile natural arrogance and unreasonableness ya Alego and Siaya .
Until things happened. Until stuff happened. Until I went through the Wilderness Experience.
I always tell people…. Only God knows Tomorrow. Death can change your situation in a minute. Sickness can send you to bankruptcy or an accident can paralyse you.
Only God knows Tomorrow.

Well, I found myself in in the lowest of the lowest pits. I found myself in a place where everyone took off from me. A place where you had to beg before eating. A place where your campus classmates zoom past you in 4×4 as you ride your black mamba bicycle carrying sweet potatoes.

I always look back and thank God for the Wilderness Experience.
When I used to write for the Standard, I always sided with the downtrodden.
Even today, I get incensed when I see people supporting Demolitions without compensation. Until you find yourself living in those structures or depending on those Vibandas for a living, you may never understand my anger.
In short, I would like to ask those going through tough times to know that it is very normal to go through that process. It is normal to pass through tough times….. Look at the Scriptures, who will realise that you are not the first. It is a path that you have to go through, in order to be a better person in future.

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