Susan Ndungu, the wife to the former Kiambu Governor Ferdinand Waititu, has now reiterated her stand on the flip of their marriage.

According to Susan, Waititu abandoned his role as a man to fully handle his wife Susan, and ricocheted all his energy in the struggle to survive from impeachment.

It has been reported, that Waititu has never been with his wife for some horizontal activities for four consecutive months.

“He abandoned me to nurse his desperation and I have all throughout been struggling to control myself not to cheat on him” she opined.

In my own estimation, Waititu is of course old but that can’t be a genuine reason to divorce your husband.

Waititu has dug himself a Bob Cohen, in a swift response to his estranged wife’s decision to remarry a few days into his much publicized impeachment.

I agree with her. There is absolutely no reason for the thatched ATM to rust of unuse, and even grow cobwebs when the nuclear warhead is busy elsewhere, firing with wanton abandon

What nourishes the the gander in Waititu nourishes the goose in Susan and revenge is best served while still very hot

Go Susan, go. Hold your Cohen tightly before another hawk runs away with him

This is a big win for BBI, as one mouth which hitherto vomited lava with the anger of a volcano, disparaging it, will now be busy in some other horizontal engagements

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