By Makina Makina via fb

Imagine you are a president, then you visit an area in the company of your DP. Protocol demands that the DP speaks first then introduces ‘The Big One.’ However, when the DP takes to the podium, he pre-empties the president by listing all the projects that have been carried out in that region, and those that are running because he(the DP) intervened.

This simply means the DP is behind all the projects being carried out by the ‘president’s’ government and not the president himself. Besides, the DP puts his boss in an awkward position where he cannot own projects done by his government nor explain himself when he stands up to address the gathering. Now, this is Ruto.


My opinion is, Ruto is too ambitious, and he thinks he is already a president. He should be humble and borrow a leaf from his predecessors like Mzee Moi.

Moi allowed his boss to take all the credit when it comes to matters of government projects, which is why he was endeared to his boss.

This is among other reasons why Muhoho Kenyatta slapped DP Ruto at Statehouse.

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