Why Kenya risks blacklisting by the European Union

European Union Ambassador to Kenya today warned that Kenya stands to be blacklisted from trading with its member states if CORRUPTION and MONEY LAUNDERING is not addressed. O
r stopped.
Right, left and Centre, the Director of Public Prosecutions is releasing Money launderers and the corrupt, like they did nothing wrong, or like he was not in charge when they were being hauled into those courts. He is the only New Visitor, in Jerusalem. But he many allies in the ignorant politically-befooled masses who swallow poisoned baits helplessly.
Good thing, the Outside world is not fooled. The big brother is watching and noting. He has started complaining and threatening the consequences. Internationally marked Money Launderers that DPP is aware of, are now as clean as cotton. But not outside our borders. The world has become one village.
That implies serious consequences because Europe and Kenya are like conjoined twins. It is important to take that threat seriously.
But what breaks my heart presently, is not any corrupt official in Government, but the loss of enthusiasm and interest of what is True, Honorable, Clean and Good by the masses.
We have a population of adults, who no longer shun, nor fear practice CORRUPTION. The population is cosy with known thieves, those who steal their taxes especially if they splash it on them. Fancy living proceeding from Corrupt Dealings has become admirable.
Consequently, our Youthful generation is in praise of the THIEF. Our law is now unfailing Servant to the Corrupt. Offering Justice has become a bidding exercise. Lowest bidders got no chance of survival in the mire.
We’ve lost the MORAL WAR on CORRUPTION. Don’t be cheated that ALL are corrupt. That’s the REASONING of the WRETCHED.
Many of the people reading this, as well as those who may never read, aspire for HIGHER IDEALS.
We Shall surely reap what we are sowing. Almost 40% of the elected leaders are known Scammers. Half of the Governors have no intention to alter the path of poverty striking their people.
They wake up every morning targeting nothing than to build for them, FORTRESSES capable of SHIELDING them tomorrow, from suffering. Because they know SUFFERING approaches from YONDER.
For over 10 years ago since Agriculture was devolved, Mt Kenya Counties are now for the first time, lining for RELIEF FOOD. Never mind, that collectively, Sh 967 Billion has gone there, under the control of 10 men/women. Is there nothing that should have been to avert this shame, if not to improve on what LATFs did under DDCs?
Who knows!
But at least, those 10 Chiefs, are now comfortable billionaires /millionaires, while their counties are now millionaire beggars, of lowest dignity.
But all are praised. Reelected or appointed to manage more mess, or mess more management. It is what it is!
What a doom life is!
What a vain living children of the peasants live?
What a damned sons and daughters of God in the hunger stricken Independent Country?
In Praise of CORRUPTION, we are digging our own Graves, because when the Poor truly find nothing more to eat, they will wake up from stupor of serving their oppressors, and they will EAT the RICH who accumulated their God-given resources onto their empires.
Ipo Siku!

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