Wrote this in April. Still relevant till today

William Ruto, his supporters and tanga tanga have been screaming from the rooftops how DYNASTIES have conspired against him. This creation of Dynasty Vs Hustler is a total manifestation of deep-seated and profound hypocrisy. William Ruto is a cunning liar and manipulator. His machiavellian style of politics has left most of his supporters brainwashed and dumbfounded.

As many have pointed out, I also wish to hammer that nail today.


Let us jump back in time to 1992. William Ruto alongside Jirongo vigorously campaigned and ultimately VOTED for a DYNASTY, Daniel Arap Moi. Ruto did not only vote for Moi, but he also campaigned for him ruthlessly, distributed money and heavily bribed Kenyans to ensure victory to the Dynasty, who was Moi at the time. Ruto decimated the economy and rendered many businesses useless in the economic turmoil that ensued after. Ruto firmly stood against the FORCES OF CHANGE and reformers who wanted a fairer society in 1992. He stood firmly with the devil himself.

In 1997, riding on the wave of the devil himself, Moi the DYNASTY, he was elected MP and ooh Yes he voted for Moi.

In 2002, while the entire country stood for reforms. While everyone in Kenya ushered in a new dispensation of hope and change, Your favorite hustler stood firmly with the DYNASTIES and Who were Daniel Moi and Uhuru Kenyatta. He voted for Uhuru Kenyatta, the Dynasty.

In 2007, William Ruto rallied everyone to VOTE FOR THE DYNASTY. He rallied people to vote for Raila Odinga, dynasty. He stood against a hustler, Mwai Kibaki!

In 2013 William Ruto went into bed with a Dynasty, Uhuru Kenyatta and asked EVERYONE TO TRUST THE DYNASTY to bring change to this country. The Dynasty helped him to be the Deputy President of the republic.

In 2017, I don’t want to repeat we all saw what happened. Ruto voted twice for the Dynasty, Uhuru Kenyatta.

Now in 2020, suddenly Dynasties are not good for Kenyans! Suddenly Dynasties do not deserve to be in power anymore. Suddenly we are fools to vote and side with the dynasties that William Ruto has taught us to trust and believe since 1992. William Ruto has never been on the side of Hustlers EVER SINCE 1992. If dynasties have looted the republic, it has only been with the help of William Ruto. We are not fools not to see this and point it out. The other hustler ever emerged was Kibaki, William Ruto never at one point supported him. He made sure he was on the side of the Dynasties both the time Kibaki vied, 2002 and 2007. Hustlers were fighting for constitutional reforms, Ruto chose to join KANU and scale the ranks of the party.

William Ruto has no legitimacy to lecture Kenyans on dynasties!

Lord Mutai
Opus Dei, emeritus.

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